Trust Services

GTC oversees separately managed trusts, both standard and supplemental needs types. These may be funded by the beneficiary with a disability or by family.


​​Why choose Guardianship & Trusts as Trustee?

Pooled supplemental needs trusts benefit from combined investment resources. Access to funds is limited to two dates each month, keeping costs low.


DEDICATION. Guardianship & Trusts Corporation was founded in 1980 as a project of The Arc Tennessee, and has always been devoted to the need of people with disabilities, and their families. GTC retains its founding principles and mission to serve clients who, by reason of developmental disability, mental illness or other impairment of intellect, are unable to make informed and rational decisions about financial, medical and/or other matters. GTC empowers these clients to live in the least restrictive environment possible while providing financial management to maximize resources, along with other personal services as authorized by the courts and fiduciary documents. We charge fees for our work, subject to court approval. GTC is also able to serve indigent wards of the court by soliciting charitable contributions to fund reserves restricted for this purpose. Please see our
donate page for more information.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Guardianship & Trusts Corp. is a
state-chartered trust company, subject to the auditing and reporting requirements of the Tennessee
Department of Financial Institutions. We serve as fiduciary for clients who need help managing assets, paying bills, and coordinating payments for care. The courts oversee our work as well; GTC files an annual accounting report for each person we serve as guardian and/or conservator.

EXPERIENCE.  Guardianship & Trusts has been serving people with special needs for more than thirty-five years. We have a licensed clinical social worker and two licensed attorneys on staff, and our Board of Directors includes high-ranking professionals in the fields of medicine, banking, investments and law.  Their  expertise provides a bedrock of confidence for our clients and their families.

Guardianship & Trusts Corp.