Guardianship & Trusts Corporation established the Self-Settled and Third-Party Pooled Trusts in 2006 to provide an opportunity for families and individuals to set aside funds for the special needs of a beneficiary with a disability, while allowing that beneficiary to remain eligible for government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. While there is no maximum amount for a Pooled Trust account, they can be opened with as little as $2,500 -- a fraction of the required minimum for a traditional bank trust. Similarly, our fees are a fraction of what traditional bank trusts charge for their services. Both Pooled Trust types are Special Needs Trusts, meaning they can be used to pay for certain needs of the beneficiary without jeopardizing his or her government benefits.

How does it work?

Government benefits including Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid will only pay for a person's primary living needs: food, housing, and basic medical care. As Special Needs Trusts, the GTC Pooled Trusts are designed to retain the beneficiary’s qualification for government benefits while providing another source of funds that can be used to pay for supplemental needs including but not limited to eyeglasses, medical insurance premiums, diapers, supplemental care and other nonessential medical supplies and services. 

The Guardianship & Trusts Pooled Trusts:

  • Serve Tennessee beneficiaries who meet the definition of a person with a disability under the Social Security Act
  • Affordable alternative to traditional bank trusts
  • Low minimum and no maximum funding requirements
  • Low enrollment costs and annual fees
  • Simple and prompt disbursement procedures

Pooled Supplemental Needs Trusts

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