Guardianship and Trusts Corporation (GTC) serves people who, by reason of developmental disability, mental illness or other impairment of intellect, are unable to make informed and rational decisions about financial, medical and / or other matters. When the court finds that the person has immediate critical needs but lacks the capacity for proper decision-making and has no one to serve in this capacity, GTC can be named conservator and make all needed arrangements for that person. As conservator GTC is also the guardian of that person, authorized to make all medical decisions, including end-of-life care.

Once authorized, GTC’s National Certified Guardians set support parameters and coordinate the person’s housing, medical care, support services, insurance and benefits. Our goal is to maintain the person in the least restrictive setting possible while overseeing care arrangements intended to increase longevity and improve the quality of life.

GTC takes an oath of conservatorship to serve the needs of each ward, and we do so without regard to the person’s ability to pay. We offset the marginal cost of serving these wards with charitable contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.​We believe GTC is the only organization in the Middle Tennessee area providing conservatorship services to indigent wards of the court at no cost.

GTC guardians meet with each ward monthly for an assessment, while coordinating with care, transport, and other providers as needed. GTC maintains a guardian on duty around the clock for medical emergencies, and has recourse to volunteer medical experts on our Board of Directors for consultation when there are difficult treatment decisions to be made. GTC also handles the person’s insurance, finances and other sensitive matters, reporting to the court regularly on all actions and transactions taken for the person.

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