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Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) in a non-profit chartered trust company providing personal and fiduciary services to persons of all ages with mental and physical disabilities. 

Guardianship and Trusts was conceptualized in February of 1980, when The ARC of Tennessee established the viability of establishing a corporation to serve persons with mental impairments whose needs for fiduciaries were not otherwise being met. 

This group, composed of professionals from the community including legal, financial, medical and mental health professionals evolved into a Board of Directors when Guardianship and Trusts was formally incorporated as a Tennessee non-profit corporation in December, 1980. 

In March, 1983, GTC was issued a Certificate of Authority by the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions to serve as trustee of private trusts.  ​

Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) is a 501(c)3 organization. 

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About Us

Guardianship and Trusts Corporation (GTC) provides fiduciary services at reduced or no cost to individuals who by reason of intellectual disability, mental illness, senile dementia, traumatic brain injury or other impairment in need of protection and assistance.

Guardianship and Trusts Corporation (GTC) strives to maintain high quality services, which allow those persons with disabilities to live successfully in the least restrictive environment. This benefits not only this special population, but the quality of life in our community. 

Guardianship and Trusts Corporation (GTC) seeks to ensure availability of services to appropriate applicants, regardless of ability to pay for such services.

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